Inclusion - Diversity - Equity at Argos

Be Diverse. Be Human.

Argos has social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities to our communities wherever we operate. We offer an equal opportunity to all of our employees.

Argos Multilingual has social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities to the communities wherever we operate. We are an equal opportunity employer and focus on our stakeholders, not just shareholders.

The Argos team is intentional and thoughtful about the value they generate as a company. This goes beyond the financial to our people, our planet, and future generations.

Argos views global responsibility as the voluntary and willful deployment of our resources to build sustainability. Being globally responsible means appreciating that there is a world beyond us. A world we are a part of and one that we can – and should – play an active role in improving.


Inclusion enriches the work-life of every Argos employee, partner, or client. It empowers every person and every organization to achieve more.

Inclusion is a call to action within the workforce. We must actively incorporate every employee’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and styles. For Argos, innovation is not an option; it is a business imperative.

We also work with our clients to adapt their translated content to be fully inclusive.


Argos’s work is global, and diversity is naturally a part of it. Every day is filled with interactions between cultures, experiences, locations, and languages.

Diverse interaction and sharing different perspectives produce creativity and energy. By practicing active inclusion, you can harvest this energy for good. Only by gathering individuals from a wide range of demographic and philosophical differences can you create a diverse reality. This reality is worth protecting.

We must value individuals and groups free from prejudice. Through an environment of equity and mutual respect, we will create a success-oriented, cooperative, and caring community. This type of community will generate intellectual strength and produce innovative solutions.


A company should not just be diverse; we must also be inclusive. All should feel valued and empowered. Opportunities like further education, training, and promotions must be equally available for anyone qualified.

There are evident inequalities globally in race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, education, economic status, and so much more. The lack of equity is at the core of so many global issues and understanding this is important to achieving overall equality.

You cannot achieve equality without implementing equity.

For example, we cannot close the gender pay gap without tackling the inequity that is caused by men being considered more valuable than women in society. Similarly, we cannot defeat racial inequalities without approaching the inequity that considers people of non-majority races as lesser.

Equity levels the playing field, which means addressing discrepancies and ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed. If a company treats everyone the same without realizing that certain teams or demographics need specific support or resources, there will be inequality. Equity requires organizations to be adaptable and willing to work to ensure everyone’s success. Equity is the pathway to true equality.

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