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How do Localization and DTP for Medical Devices look like?

This case study is about a leading developer and manufacturer of patient monitoring, diagnostic and clinical information systems, specializing in cardiovascular products who required global support across various product divisions including product labeling and software documentation. This case study emphasises how we helped with their life sciences localization and translation projects.


Our client is a leading developer and manufacturer of patient monitoring, diagnostic and clinical information systems, specializing in cardiovascular products. They require global support across various product divisions, with content types that include: 

  • Patient monitoring & connectivity
  • Diagnostic cardiology
  • Medical devices (cardiology) documentation
  • Anesthesiology & ventilation
  • Software documentation 
  • Clinical education
  • Product labeling 

Why They Chose Argos?

Our client was looking for a reliable vendor capable of dealing with the technical complexities of various languages and character sets across their localization and desktop publishing projects. They followed a decentralized approach to translation that ended up splitting their different DTP and translation tasks among many subcontractors. This caused expensive communication and delivery bottlenecks along with unnecessary organizational conflicts and elevated costs. 

Our client chose to work with Argos based on our extensive experience with their leading competitors in the medical industry. Argos was also the only vendor with technical knowhow and a focused customer service approach that provided our client with greater value through a complete, centralized service-offering and through the introduction of a standardized process to their global translation projects. 

How Argos Helped?

In partnering with Argos, our client found value in centralizing translation related tasks, tools such as glossaries as well as Translation Memory. Our focused efforts helped reduce their costs by removing redundancies. Through centralization, they were able to produce more multi lingual content without increasing the size of their departments responsible for making their message and literature global. 

In effect, Argos’ flexible support, technical knowhow, capacity, centralization and a full service offering were the attributes that our client was looking for in a vendor. These are the Argos competencies that have kept our cooperation with this client growing annually since 2005. 

Currently, Argos works with all of our client’s global offices (USA, UK, China) adjusting their content and bringing it under a single CMS and TMS configuration. As our client’s plans and processes develop, Argos adapts to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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