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Content Creation with AI

Our AI content creation process involves five steps: keyword research to identify market opportunities, prompting to instruct Large Language Models (LLMs), content generation using the chosen LLM, verification and post-editing by copywriters, and a pilot process to set the basis for AI-based content creation. This process offers speed, cost benefits, and the flexibility to adapt to future technology developments.

1. Keyword Research

We do keyword research per market to identify what people are searching for online. It is a way of finding opportunities as it helps us understand what your customers need and what your competitors offer.

2. Prompting

Prompting means giving instructions to the Large Language Models to create content. It is very important to adjust the level of detail according to the content type, writing style, and how specialized the resulting content should be.

3. Content Generation

The prompt is fed to an LLM for content creation. Which LLM to choose? We are LLM agnostics and will support you when selecting the right LLM for your needs. We will also monitor technology development and will advise you on better options in the future.

4. Verification & Post-editing

To ensure the quality level matches your objectives, we include the step Expert in the loop, which means our copywriters verify and post-edit the AI-generated content.

5. Pilot Process

We start the collaboration with a pilot project, where the basis for the AI-based content creation process is set. It also gives our clients the opportunity to meet our team and experience our customer care.​

Get in touch to learn more about how our AI Content Creation service can help you optimize your copywriting initiatives. 

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