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Clinical Trial Translations – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual was chosen by a leading US medical and pharmaceutical manufacturer to provide clinical trial translations prior to the release of a line of medical technology products and services across multiple markets.

The client needed a reliable translation vendor capable of performing quality clinical trial translations while taking on extra desktop publishing (DTP) tasks such as template/layout adjustments as well as file formatting and preparation. We also offered automated workflows (through CMS integration) that helped the client more easily manage their global language projects. Overall, the project consisted of multiple language batches, and we supported the client in 25 languages.

We also adapted the client’s content and assisted in resolving their technical language-related problems, while adjusting our workflow in a way that allowed the client to spend more time focusing on their core business. Key to this was the automation of some of the most common translation tasks, including the translation of repeat content, terminology and glossary management, and the use of translation memory to diminish overall costs.

The client was extremely satisfied with our cooperation, and named us as their leading partner for language and translation-technology related projects.

Background Information:

  1. Client industry: Medical devices
  2. Type of product: Clinical trial documentation
  3. Type of project: Translation, review, QA and DTP
  4. Languages involved: Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Armenian, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, German, Serbian, Russian, Estonian, Czech, Slovakian, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Greek
  5. Amount of work: Over 2,000 work hours in total
  6. Time frame – 6 months
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