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The American Standards Association originally approved the A92 project in 1948, and was concerned with manually propelled mobile platforms and scaffolding. Since then, A92 has undergone periodic updates and its latest incarnations include the A92.20 Design Standard, the A92.22 Safe Use Standard and the A92.24 Training Standard each published in December 2018 with an effective date of December 2019.

Why the Changes?

Updated standards like the ANSI A92 and the CSA B354, reflect the increasing awareness of workplace risks and their goal is to minimize those risks through training, design and process.

The ANSI A92 standards’ last major revision was in 2006. Since then, the world has changed. In 2006, Fidel Castro was still Cuban President, Rodney Atkins won the Billboard Song of the Year, Facebook had fewer than 100,000 users, and Wikileaks published its first document!

Of course, not only have awareness of workplace safety evolved and the world changed, but the products and technology available in the Access industries have changed too. Standards have had to chase innovation not foreseen at previous revisions in order that safety can keep pace with the marketplace and be relevant in a competitive industry.

Finally, this update is designed to align closely with internationally recognized standards such as ISO and AS/NZS. Aside from standards alignment being a common-sense approach, it also helps American manufacturers to export their high quality products if they can prove compliance across global markets.

Who is Affected?

The new standards affect all stakeholders in the Access industry; users, operators, supervisors, management, maintenance personnel (CSA B354), dealers, rental companies, training companies and manufacturers.

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