Achieving Translation Quality at Medical Alley

January 22, 2018

What is Translation Quality and is it even attainable in our ever-changing regulatory landscape? Quality is a word that constantly makes an appearance in conversations about translation and localization processes amongst our Life Science customers. For companies operating in this space, ensuring their [...]


How to Successfully Localize eLearning Content II

January 17, 2018

Part 2 Localizing eLearning can be a challenging process. Last week we highlighted the importance of choosing the right markets and authoring content for translation. In the following more details about the technical considerations of eLearning localization are provided:The right [...]


How to Successfully Localize eLearning Content

January 11, 2018

Part 1The challenges of eLearning localization By the end of 2020, the market volume of the global corporate eLearning market will reach up to approximately USD 31 billion in revenue. More and more multinational companies are starting to understand the economic return from investing in eLearning, [...]


Are you ready for the new GDPR?

January 04, 2018

What is the new reform all about? In January 2012, the European Commission submitted its EU Data Protection Reform. It came after increasing pressure from EU citizens to have the same data protection rights, no matter where within the European Union their data is processed. GDPR is a regulation [...]


Argos Multilingual Appoints Yves Savourel as Vice President of R&D

December 05, 2017

Boulder, Colorado USA - December 5, 2017 - Argos Multilingual, a leading global language solutions provider today announced the promotion of Yves Savourel to Vice President of R&D. For more than 25 years, Yves Savourel has been involved in internationalization and localization. Part of his work [...]