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Website Translation – Project Brief:

The entertainment and multimedia industry with its ever changing campaigns, products, materials and online content continually seeks out language translation companies that procure correct, efficient and fast translations. Argos Multilingual is often used by such clients to complete multiple online translations of web content. In fact, one entertainment conglomerate contacted Argos requesting quality website translation services to adapt a part of their website. The project consisting of translation, review and quality assurance checks, involved language translations into/from: Japanese, German, Italian, French and Spanish.

Because the client’s website was constantly updated with fresh and new online content, the project had a short deadline as the website translations had to be immediately updated along with the source text. In order to quickly and accurately adapt the client’s news briefs, Argos assigned a team of 5 translators and one reviewer to carry out all the necessary translation work for the assignment.

In effect, Argos’ ability to organize dedicated translation teams for specific, short-deadline projects, enabled us to finish the website translation project ahead of schedule (work started on Thursday and finished on Friday and required much flexibility on Argos’ part as the start of a business day in Poland occurs at the end of a business day in Japan). The result was a success and our client was extremely satisfied with our quality and promptness of delivery.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: Entertainment Industry
  2. Type of Product: News Brief and online content
  3. Type of Project: Translation and review
  4. Languages involved: Japanese, German, French, Italian and Spanish
  5. Amount of work: 300 words
  6. Time Frame: under 24hours