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Voice Over Recording – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual does not limit its service offering simply to translations. Argos Multilingual’s professional recording studio and an extensive list of voice over artists enables us to provide multimedia and e-learning translation services. In fact, Argos regularly completes voice over recordings for FCMG companies that create intricate and layered advertising campaigns, which include web, multimedia and presentations all including voice and dubbing.

One such client contacted Argos to complete a voice over project for their beverage’s advertising campaign. The voice over project included recording a soundtrack of an ad film for a popular children’s drink in Czech and the Polish language . On top of the voice over work, Argos also completed a unique Czech translation of all the spoken lines. The Czech translation was unique in that some of the content was translated into ‘baby-Czech’ so that kids could repeat some of its catch phrases.

Because of the specific nature of this translation and voice over project, and because of the fact that children are a demanding target group, the project took Argos Multilingual around a month to complete – in the end meeting all of the client’s specifications, requirements and expectations.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry – FMCG Products, Beverages
  2. Type of Product – Advertising/Commercial of a children’s drink
  3. Type of Project – Voice Over work and translation
  4. Languages involved – Polish and Czech
  5. Time frame – recording of all the voice parts took about a month