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Sworn Translation of Vehicle Transportation Texts – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual has broad experience completing multiple transportation translation projects for air and railway industry clients. One such client, a European transportation vehicles manufacturer, employed Argos to carry out complex regulatory, legal and engineering documentation translation into English, Italian, Polish, and French.

Because the subject matter dealt with over 25 pages of legal documentation, our client requested that we supply only sworn translations by sworn translators. Accordingly, we assigned 3 tested and verified sworn translators to complete the assignment in under 4 working days.

Because of our experience handling such large and complex rush jobs, we managed to deliver all the translations back to our client on time, shipping hard copies of translated sworn documents via courier to their regional offices. Needless to say, the client was highly impressed by the speed and quality of our service and customer care.

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: Transportation Industry
  2. Type of product: Legal documentation
  3. Type of project: Sworn translation
  4. Languages involved: English, Italian, Polish, and French
  5. Amount of work: 25 pages
  6. Time frame: 4 working days