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Software Localization – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual regularly completes localization projects for various machine manufacturers in the automation industry. When new machines are developed they require translated content, translated instructions manuals and localized software in order to be user-friendly when sold abroad. Argos helps machine manufacturers adapt the language of their products to fit the needs of a target market, thus enhancing products’ marketability.

Argos Multilingual recently completed a software localization project for a grinding machines manufacturer. The project was split up into two parts that involved translation and software localization of 20,000 words into Eastern European languages. The client also required specialized handling of their software strings that use a unique format and encoding, and could not be converted using regular CAT tools.

While the client provided us with their own translation tool to adapt the code, that tool did not support features that regular CAT tools offered (e.g. TM, search, etc.). As such, Argos designed a special localization software application that allowed us to convert those files to a familiar format (Trados) and following translation, convert them back to the client’s unique format.

The Argos designed application combined the benefits of Trados (incl. higher consistency of translation between same projects for this client and lower costs) with the ability to supply our client with translated and localized software in the specific format they required. In the end, Argos completed the assignment ahead of schedule, helping the client lower their translation costs and deliver their product to market on time.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: Automation and Industrial Machinery
  2. Type of Product: Grinding Machines
  3. Type of Project: Localization of software
  4. Languages involved: Eastern European languages
  5. Amount of work: 2 regular projects 10,000 words each