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At Argos Multilingual we promise a smooth project management workflow: our Project Managers will guide you through the translation process ensuring your translation project is completed error-free and on time. Our Project Managers will take the work off your shoulders organizing all portions of the assignment, handling any complications and reporting back the status of your project so that you can focus on your work. 

Our approach to project management incorporates our core competencies:

Focus on Quality

  • Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager, who forms a team of translators, engineers, DTP and QA staff to work on the client’s projects. This is a relationship-building process and over time team members are able to cater to the specific needs of their clients, thus offering higher quality services.
  • We use the best translators who have been thoroughly tested according to developed and established internal procedures that include the Argos Multilingual Style Guide and QA checklists.
  • All work is done by native speakers of the target language and translators who specialize in a given subject. Both often have a university degree and/or real-life work experience in a given field.
  • All translations are reviewed word-for-word by a second linguist who also specializes in the subject matter at hand. For more complex jobs and larger projects we do a final copy edit (third review) before we send it to the client.
  • All our translators are trained and experienced in using Translation Memory tools and have access to a networked Translation Memory database to keep terminology consistent and to increase productivity.

Turnaround Time

  • We meet every deadline.
  • We work with over 2500 translators and proofreaders enabling us to expand capacity when needed to meet your project’s deadline.
  • We use CAT tools to help speed up the translation process while keeping consistency and maintaining quality. We maintain a Translation Memory database for each client and when we receive updates of new translations, we leverage them against the existing Translation Memory, thus saving you time and money.
  • We have a range of subject-dependent glossaries that allow us to speed up translation time while at the same time ensuring high-quality translation of these terms.

Meeting Clients’ Needs

  • We make it our priority to respond to you as soon as possible. We know your needs are important and we aim to be prompt with our response.
  • Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager. Our project managers are the bridge between you and the specialists working on your project.
  • Each translation/localization project received by us is carefully evaluated by the project manager in order to ensure that the best possible technical and human resources are used.
  • We employ localization engineers, DTP specialists and QA staff, who allow us to offer a complete solution, from localization of the user interface to DTP of the documentation.
  • We develop friendly working relationships with all of our clients because we believe that our clients are more than just a number.

Benefits of Argos’ Project Management Workflow

Argos Translations has invested significant resources into constantly monitoring and improving our quality processes, building long lasting relationships with clients and focusing our efforts on customer service – all in an effort to offer you accurate translation services of exceptional quality and value.

  • Translation Value
    As your project needs grow, so does our capacity to support you. Argos is dedicated to continually expanding our services, so your project is handled by a single company, putting our experience and cross-industry specializations to work for you, introducing cost-saving innovations for your projects and offering true quality translations.

  • Individual Approach
    At Argos, you will be supported by a dedicated Project Manager who overlooks all work, assists and communicates with you every step of the way. Our Project Managers have access to all the resources working on your assignment and ensure that your project is managed according to your guidelines.

  • Resource Capacity
    We have invested heavily into recruiting, testing and training linguists. As a result, we draw on over 2500 trained and tested translators both in-house and freelance ensuring that your project is handled by a single translation company.

  • Languages
    No matter what languages your project requires, Argos offers translation services across all European languages, right to left languages, and Asian languages. With a broad network of tested and qualified translators, we can complete projects from and into any language you request.

  • Flexibility
    We are flexible and can adapt our resources to better fit each and every project ensuring that our translations are always compatible with your requirements. No matter how demanding your project is or how unique, we have the expertise and flexibility to improve the efficiency of every project.
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