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Medical Website Translation – Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual completed a medical website translation for a client in need of professional medical translation services. The client was looking for medical translations of their website into six languages including: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. The client was searching for a professional translation company with experience in completing software and website translation projects. They contacted Argos Multilingual and provided us with a test sample, which Argos quickly and accurately performed and delivered back to our client’s full satisfaction. Once the sample was complete, the client forwarded us a complete website translation project consisting of over 2,111 words.

Argos went to work on the assignment by attaching a team of experienced professional translators that included 5 translators, 5 reviewers and one Quality Assurance specialist to check all completed work. Because Argos put this project through a ested and effective workflow, we managed to complete all of the medical translation work ahead of schedule.

Argos delivered the last translation batch to our client’s surprise at how fast the turnaround for a translation project of this type was.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: Medical
  2. Type of Product: Medical Website
  3. Type of Project: Translation, QA and Review
  4. Languages involved: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese
  5. Amount of work: over 2,000 words
  6. Time Frame: under one work week