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Project Brief:

Argos Multilingual completed a medical device translation project for a medical client manufacturing hospital monitors connected by central docking stations. The client needed localization services for their user interface and medical translations for their quick reference guides, data sheets, marketing materials and operations manuals.

All of the content required medical device translations of over 25,000 words into: French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and Czech. The client also approached Argos to complete this medical translation project in under one month, as all the content was needed for an upcoming marketing campaign and product launch.

Argos set out to complete the medical devices translation project by assigning a team of translators, reviewers, QA specialists and the client’s own in-house reviewers. Because portions of the project required localization services and DTP services, Argos also dedicated appropriate resources to complete such tasks. In fact, our DTP department spent 15 hours per language, to complete DTP work across all of this project’s operations manuals.

The client chose Argos in part because we offer flexible and adaptive workflows. As such, Argos was asked to follow the client’s specific workflow to ensure consistency between document types. The adapted workflow included steps such as:

  1. Software translation using device simulation software and screen shots for reference
  2. Translated software was loaded into device by client
  3. Operations manual was translated using localized simulation software and new screen shots
  4. Data sheets and quick reference guides were localized
  5. Product launch presentation was translated for client’s marketing department

While this was an update of the manual, previously translated and unchanged content was leveraged against an existing version of the manual to lower client’s project costs by 40%.

By attaching a skilled team to complete this assignment and adhering to our client’s specific demands and deadline, Argos managed to deliver the medical device translations on time and received the following praise from our client: “Thank you for the quick delivery and smooth project flow”.

Background Information:

1. Client’s Industry: Medical Devices

2. Type of Product: software interface, marketing materials, operation manuals

3. Type of Project: translation, review, QA, localization and DTP

4. Languages involved:

  • French translations
  • Italian translations
  • German translations
  • Spanish translations
  • Polish translations
  • Russian translations
  • Czech translations
  • Hungarian translations
  • Portuguese translations
  • Dutch translations
  • Greek translations
  • Turkish translations

5. Amount of work: 25,000 words

6. Time frame: 1 month.