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IT Hardware Translations – Project Brief:

A challenging IT Hardware translation project for one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers is par for the course at Argos Multilingual. The project itself revolved around a printing device translation of an operator’s manual from English into Polish. Along with the printing translation work, Argos also performed translation quality assurance checks and reviews.

Because of the large scope of the project (13 files with 35,000 words), we used localization services and Translation Memory (TM) to great advantage. In fact, the use of TM helped to reduce the client’s translation rates by finding that 46% of the content had similar or repeat words used throughout the text. Not only did TM help to keep costs down, but it also improved the consistency and accuracy of the entire project.

The client also had a specific request to adapt the translation from Excel files that were then to be used in an .eps format to produce a PDF that would be sent back to us for localization. We used DTP to work on the source .eps files, and the client prepared a PDF based on them, which was then used as reference for the remaining translation. In effect, Argos put our DTP department to work on this assignment in an effort to correctly extract all the source content, embed it back into an adapted document layout, and then forward it to localization for the final review and proofreading.

The project was made difficult by the fact that there were many source files delivered by the client, with a lot of inconsistency between them. Our reviewers and QA specialists went the extra mile to unify the content and make sure that the end translation was consistent across all files and formats. Upon delivery, our client was pleased, saying “Thank you so much for your explanation, and good job!”

Background Information:

  1. Client Industry: Computers, TV, and electronics manufacturing
  2. Type of Product: Instruction manual (booklet)
  3. Type of Project: Translation, review and QA
  4. Languages involved: Polish, English
  5. Amount of work: 35,000 words
  6. Time frame: 3 weeks


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