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ERP / CRM translation – Project Brief:

Argos regularly handles IT translation projects for software developers around the world. With our extensive IT translation experience, it is not uncommon for Argos to be commissioned ERP and CRM translation projects from multiple IT clients on a weekly basis. One such ERP / CRM translation project included business intelligence documentation translation, page alignment and software engineering of over 300,000 words into Polish.

In order to address this project efficiently, Argos attached 28 translators and testers who worked simultaneously to adapt all source content into Polish. On top of that, our team had to perform software testing and terminology management tools that occurred in the client’s remote environment. It took our team over 100 working hours to complete all page alignment tasks, and Argos managed to finish all work abiding to our client’s aggressive schedule.

In the end, it took Argos less than a month to complete all work and send a final product back to our client. Our client was extremely pleased with the quality and speed with which the assignment was handled.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry – Software development
  2. Type of Product – CRM / ERP system
  3. Type of Project – Translation, page alignment, software engineering
  4. Languages involved – Polish
  5. Amount of work – 300,000 words
  6. Time Frame – 1 month