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Document Management Software Translation and Localization

Software Translation and Localization – Project Brief:

With the advent of computers and the internet, all things written including books, articles and documents found an efficient and global means of distribution. However, regardless of how easy sharing written ideas has become, it is still not easy having the content understood by foreign readers. As a result, translations turned out to be a vital link between technology and information exchange.

International document management companies turn to Argos Multilingual to help translate their projects. One such company stemming from the roots of the tech industry, commissioned Argos Multilingual to provide translation and localization services for their document management software. The company wanted to expand their presence over the Canadian market by targeting the French-speaking region with a French version of their document management application.

In order to ensure that the application would be fully usable to its target audience, Argos Multilingual enlisted specialized translators to adapt the translation into Canadian French. In fact, Argos dedicated 2 translators, 1 reviewer, 1 quality assurance specialist and 1 localization manager to overlook the project. The team completed this +10K word English to French translation and localization assignment in 3 phases, lasting just under 3 months. Their work went beyond pure translation and also included proofreading, software engineering and additional validation of translated RC files.

The document management translation project was completed successfully with even some deadlines met ahead of schedule. The client was pleased with the outcome that they approached us to complete translations for the remaining languages (Finnish, Polish, Portuguese and Turkish).

Background Information:

1. Client’s Industry – Document Management software, hardware, office supplies and support services

2. Type of Product – Document Management Software Application

3. Type of Project – Translation with review & quality assurance, localization with software engineering

4. Languages Involved – English into Canadian French

5. Amount of Work:

  • Translation with review and QA totaled 13909 words
  • Proofreading totaled 64 hours
  • Software engineering totaled 37 hours

6. Time Frame: 3 months (3 phases)

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