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Project Brief:

With the gamut of ERP/CRM software translation experience, software developers’ world-wide approach Argos Multilingual with business intelligence software translation projects. Not long ago, Argos Multilingual was commissioned to complete Polish translation of a CRM application for one of the largest international software developers.

The company, interested in rolling out their software in Poland, required software translation and software engineering services prior to launch. Argos Multilingual, having the localization service capacity to handle bulky projects, took on the ERP translation assignment that consisted of a 3 million word translation to be completed in portions that took from 2 weeks to 3 months at a time.

Our client requested a complete CRM localization including translation of the user interface, on-line help and readme files. The project encompassed preparation of a terminology base along with some translation and review activities being done remotely, on-line and over the client’s servers. Because of the size of the project, Argos Multilingual dedicated up to 5 translators to work simultaneously on any/every portion of the assignment. In order to maintain translation consistency, help assure quality and help communicate translation changes between the client and the production team, Argos Multilingual designed periodic conference calls to discuss progress as well as sent portions of the project out to the client for random review and evaluation.

In the end, the client was absolutely satisfied with the quality, timeliness and accuracy of Argos Multilingual Polish translations of their ERP/CRM application. Because the translation met the client’s expectations and because of Argos Multilingual’ highly responsive translation teams and Account Managers’ focus on building and maintaining client-relationships, the client ended up using Argos Multilingual for further translations of the same software application.

Background Information:

  1. Client’s Industry: IT and Software Development
  2. Type of Product: ERP/CRM Software Application
  3. Type of Project: Translation/localization with review and software engineering
  4. Languages involved: Polish
  5. Amount of work: translation, review, QA totaled 3million words
  6. Time frame: batches of work from 2 weeks to 3 months at a time