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Gabriel Nagy – Global Talent Specialist Extraordinaire


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06 Feb 2023

A company is nothing without its people. Our people make Argos what it is and we want to highlight some of the team for their, dedication, excellent work, and all around awesomeness.

It’s not just the big successes that deserve recognition – employees contribute to their teams and workplaces every day. They put in extra effort, produce innovative solutions, and are always there when you need them. Unfortunately, for many, these feats often go unnoticed and unrewarded.

At Argos, we believe in recognizing our people, their contribution to our overall growth and success, and giving them the acknowledgment they deserve. By highlighting their achievements and what makes them who they are, we promote a workplace appreciation and gratitude culture.

The HR Department: Little known but much appreciated

Working in Human Resources is an important yet often overlooked part of any organization. It takes a unique skill set to run an effective HR department and ensure that everything from hiring to employee development runs smoothly. Many nuances come with this job —knowing how to handle personnel issues, staying up-to-date on employment law or laws when working with a global workforce, and ensuring employees have everything they need to succeed. While it takes a special kind of person, those in HR can make a meaningful difference in any organization by understanding the delicate balance of managing people while advocating for them.

This is why Gabriel Nagy is our first Talent Highlight Feature. As Argos’ Global Talent Specialist, Gabriel’s role spans many divisions and pulls on all his areas of expertise.

Getting to know our Global Talent Specialist

As a bridge between management, the IT department, and staff, Gabriel acts as a trusted advisor to all sides and promotes collaboration and dialogue to resolve issues. By promoting teamwork and understanding and contributing to recruitment efforts, Gabriel plays a significant role in propelling our organization into its desired future.

With a degree in Business Psychology and a background in Supply Chain, Gabriel’s experience included sourcing translators, project managers, coordinators, and language leads for clients. From helping more than 30 tourist agencies acquire visas for travelers, and testing video games in German to translating the Slovakian Parliament website into English, Gabriel’s extensive and colorful career history led to his smooth transition into HR.

When Gabriel began working in HR for Argos (and Chillistore), there wasn’t much of an HR team to speak of. Now, the team has expanded, and his role comprises recruiting and employee lifecycle development of 370+ employees across 37 countries.

Traveling the world and building worlds

Having been a digital nomad for more than 15 years, Gabriel has visited 60 countries and lived in nine, including Ireland, Spain, and Bulgaria. Currently stationed in the south of China, he’s a natural at maintaining a healthy work/life balance while working remotely.

His travels have allowed him to learn about people and immerse himself in various cultures. Having a seat at the table to local cuisines is a definite perk!

For Gabriel, traveling is more than a mere hobby; it’s an integral part of his life.

However, when it comes to hobbies, Gabriel’s list of passions is impressive.

Ever heard of tabletop role-playing games? If you’re thinking Dungeons & Dragons, you’re on the right track. Gabriel contributes as a content creator, map maker, and character graphic artist and even teaches more than 3000 people how to create maps for fantasy games. We all have our own forms of Zen, and for Gabriel, it’s fantasy city planning.

By researching Bedouins and how they survive the harsh elements of desert living to create realistic representations for a game set on a desert planet, Gabriel continues to fuel his desire to learn about people and their cultures.

His love of games transcends into his work life. Gabriel has been appointed Argos’ Gamemaster, playing an integral role in team-building games and activities throughout Argos.

With a globally dispersed workforce, these games have often facilitated opportunities for cooperation among employees who might have never had the chance to otherwise (a Project Manager based in the US and a DTP team member based in Turkey working together to guess who will win the FIFA World Cup).

An Austrian-Hungarian, from Czechoslovakia, Gabriel has four mother tongues. A true polyglot, Gabriel is fluent in Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, German, Russian, English, Spanish, and Bulgarian and is currently learning Chinese. It’s no wonder he gravitated toward the world of translation and localization.

Thank you, Gabriel, for being on our team!

With a history and background as vivid as his, Gabriel is a valuable member of Argos’ HR department. His wealth of knowledge across various localization and translation industry niches makes him a force to be reckoned with.

With that said, cheers to Gabriel, and Happy Anniversary of working in HR at Argos!

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