Whitepapers: Polish Immigrants in the UK

Prior to the accession of Poland, among others countries, into the EU, the British government estimated immigration from the newly acceded countries at somewhere between 5,000 and 13,000 people per year. This was based on low historical migration rates and a government assumption that ‘even in the worst case scenario, migration to the UK as a result of the Eastern enlargement of the EU is not likely to be overly large’. 

Just over two years later and the UK’s population is swelling at the fastest rate recorded in forty years and has recently topped the 60 million mark. Much of this has been credited to the bus, plane and boatloads of young, hungry Eastern Europeans arriving seeking employment, and with it a chance of a new start in a land of increased opportunity, or the funds to kick start businesses or property purchases back home otherwise beyond their means. 

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