Our History

Argos Multilingual was founded in Kraków, Poland in 1996. We began as a translation company that specialized in Eastern European languages and have since grown into a full service Global Language Solutions provider. We specialize in three core industry verticals; life sciences, industrial manufacturing and hardware/software. Understanding the uniqueness of content types, we apply an individual approach to translating technical, marketing, software and business support content.

In 2014, Argos acquired SH3 Inc., a translation company based in Overland Park, Kansas City. Founded in 1980, SH3 is recognized as one of the leading translation companies for the US industrial manufacturing sector. In 2017, Argos went through another acquisition, acquiring ENLASO Corporation based in Boulder, Colorado. The combined enterprises offers clients greater operational efficiencies as well as customer support locations in both Europe and the US. In addition, thanks to our lower cost production facility in Poland we are able to provide both outstanding customer service wherever you are based while at the same time guaranteeing you great value for money.

Today, Argos Multilingual is one of the leading language service providers in the world providing certified translation services to all our partners. We invite you to take some time to get to know us and what we value.