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Life Sciences Translation Services & Medical Translation Services

Argos is the name for quality life sciences translations and medical translations

It’s no secret that medical content needs to be understood without error by users and patients across the globe. With years of experience servicing some of the world’s largest medical device and pharmaceutical organizations, Argos has a proven quality process driven by your industry standards. We understand that your industry is highly regulated which is why we focus on complete quality management, measurability and traceability in our life sciences translations, while keeping in mind that scaling to your growing business is just as important.

Argos Multilingual is a recognized expert in the life sciences localization industry. We instill a customized total quality approach and build partnerships with clients to meet your goals whether those are cost savings or reduced time to market. 

Certified Translation Services

Argos Multilingual provides certified translation services. We are certified with the following medical and translation industry standards:

  •     ISO 9001:2015
  •     EN 17100:2015
  •     EN ISO 13485:2012
  •     ISO 27001:2013
  •     J2450

Medical Device Translations

Your industry is driven by strict regulations that demand quality. This can get even more complicated once your products launch into global markets. Argos is equipped to help you navigate through this process while ensuring that your medical translations meets international standards and regulations. Turn to Argos for expert assistance with creating the right approach for your medical device globalization efforts.

As a leader in life sciences localization, Argos has the capacity to meet and exceed your expectations for deadlines, complex requirements and regulatory compliance.

Pharmaceutical Translations

Pharmaceutical organizations, such as yours, who have or are in the process of expanding their global reach quite often face complications when registering their drugs in foreign markets. It is critical that the translation company you partner with has the knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical translations to help your content meet international requirements and regulations. Our focus on quality and accuracy ensures your documentation is managed by our total quality process enabling you to launch globally.

Clinical Trial Translations

If you handle global clinical trials, their accurate translation can be one of the most important part of your pharmaceutical process. Argos understand that requirement and that is why we have dedicated experts who drive a proven process surrounding the centralized management of clinical trial translation. We are here to help you through that process so that you can meet your regulatory deadlines.

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