Find Your Perfect Match at Elia Together in Berlin

January 24, 2017

On February 23-24, the Elia Association will be holding the first Elia Together event for 2017 in Berlin, Germany. As active members of the Elia Association, Argos will be attending the Elia Together event and will also have one its Resource Specialists, Luiza Szafrańska speak on the topic of “Find Your Perfect Match: Qualification Model in Action”. Luiza’s presentation will take place at 4pm on the first day of the event (Wednesday, February 23). She will share best practices in vendor management as well as provide an example of the ideal recruitment model. The presentation will also encompass short case studies demonstrating the mutual benefits for both translators and language service companies. This presentation is aimed at helping potential partners to understand how the qualification process looks at Argos Multilingual.

In addition to the presentation, Argos Multilingual will also be participating in the Together Fair which will take place right after Luiza’s presentation from 4.45pm till 6.30pm. At the fair, Luiza along with Resource Manager, Anna Wilk, will be happy to take any questions regarding the presentation or on partnering with Argos Multilingual.

Elia Together Berlin is ELIA’s first event for 2017. It will take place from February 23-24. For more information, visit the Elia Together website.