Argos Multilingual CTO to Co-Present at NTIF in Malmo

November 22, 2016

Ever wonder whether it is possible to achieve a win-win situation between a translation buyer and a translation company?

This week at the Nordic Translation Industry Forum (NTIF), our CTO, Wojciech Froelich will be co-presenting with Teresa Edberg from Qlik on “Win-win in buyer-supplier collaboration”. The presentation will demonstrate how such a situation and partnership can be achieved successfully. It will also emphasize the important role that a translation company plays in achieving an agile translation workflow and technology automation. The value of setting mutual goals during the RFP process and prior to starting work will also be explained. Those new and/or already familiar to translations will get the opportunity to rethink their current strategy and partnership structure with their translation service providers.

During the two-day event, Wojciech will be happy to speak to translators and Language Service Providers open to partnering with Argos Multilingual that provide translations into Nordic, Finnish, Danish and Swedish languages. 

“Win-win in Buyer-Supplier Collaboration” will take place on day 2 of the event (November 25) in Room 2 at 11am. We hope to see you there!

Wojciech Froelich
Chief Technology Officer