Translation Company Management: It’s all About the People

September 16, 2009 Kimon Fountoukidis

Very often in sports you see the interview with the quarterback who just won the Super Bowl or coach who just won the World Cup and they say, it’s all about the team. I could have never done it without this great bunch of guys…. Sports analogies are often overused in business, but if you [...]


Argos Translations at Localization World Montreal

October 16, 2006

Starting on October 16th, one of the largest and most popular translation and localization events took place in Montreal, Canada. The annual Localization World conference attracts numerous translation service providers, industry experts and clients by providing a 2 day opportunity to exchange ideas, [...]


Argos Translations Charity Event

September 16, 2006

On September 11th, Argos Translations sponsored a charity event for the ’Gift of Hope’ Foundation of Krakow’s University’s Children Hospital’s Transplantation Center. The center not only serves as a temporary home to many children in need of treatment but, also houses scientific [...]


Argos Translations Participates in Ernst & Young Award

June 30, 2006

Earlier this month, Argos Translations founder and CEO, Kevin Fountoukidis, was nominated for the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award. The E&Y award focuses on promoting successful business owners, managers and/or CEOs who have established leading companies [...]


Argos Translations Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary

April 21, 2006

This year Argos Translations celebrates its 10th year anniversary, and we’d like to show our gratitude to you, our valued clients. In only a decade, Argos Translations has grown to become a dominant player in the CEE translation industry. We’ve grown into a company that offers a full range [...]