The Value of Translations

November 13, 2017

Technology and the onset of the internet has opened many new avenues for consumers to obtain information and shop for products and services. Likewise for businesses, it has made it easier to reach global consumers. However, this does not mean selling and marketing the same way as you do to your local [...]


Life as a Multimedia Designer

November 08, 2017 Dominik Jarząbek

What does a normal day in your shoes look like? I work remotely, so my friends are always laughing at me that I have the closest to work out of them all. All I have to do is go to my home office and I'm at work. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems. It is best to stick to certain rules [...]


World Celebrations: Yi Peng

November 02, 2017

If you were to ever be in Lan Na (the northern part of Thailand) for the month of November, you would witness one of the most beautiful festivals in the world- Yi Peng lantern festival. The evening in which the night sky is filled with light is this month’s topic for our “World Celebrations” [...]


World Celebrations: Halloween

October 25, 2017

As winter approaches the 31st of October comes around - a date that is known to many as Halloween. A time filled with spooky ghost stories, creative costumes, festivals and trick-or-treating is our theme for this month’s “World Celebration” blog post. The origin of Halloween (also [...]


Life as a QA Specialist

October 19, 2017 Karl Pfeiffer

What are the daily challenges you experience as a QA Specialist? Apart from continuously striving for top quality, you have to be able to switch gears and focus on a new priority on a moment’s notice.  For example, I might be working on final quality checks for a project, when mission-critical [...]