Why Choose Argos For Your Technical Translation Services

November 19, 2018

Technical translations tailored to your business. There are many challenges manufacturing companies face when exporting their goods beyond their local territory. Regardless of whether you’re a large corporation seeking integration and harmonization across business units, or simply a small manufacturer [...]


Top 5 Tips For A Successful Global Marketing Strategy

November 12, 2018

How to Adapt your Marketing Content to a Global Audience  Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Global business leaders would agree in regards to their international business efforts. Localization professionals, however, attribute the remaining “twenty [...]


Life Sciences Webinar Series - UDI in the EU MDR and US FDA

November 07, 2018

Free webinar on the differences between the US and EU UDI requirements. The medical device industry is currently facing regulatory overhaul across the major world markets. Given the current situation, we felt it was important to address the changes happening particularly in the United States and [...]


Why Managing Your Linguistic Assets is Essential

October 24, 2018

Linguistic assets are the foundation of your localization program. Linguistic Asset Management can seem like a daunting task. However with the right tools, processes and language service provider, you can rest assured that your assets will be fully utilized each time, and to your benefit. Linguistic [...]